About the System

The system platform was founded on providing practical tools for businesses and their employees
to implement workplace skills management, (the practice of understanding, developing and
deploying people and their skills). This original platform has been contextualized and
appropriately re-developed to deliver a comprehensive Work Health and Safety Management

The system requires all employees to be registered so that evidence can be appropriately
aligned to each individual employee when the system is activated.
Benefits for business resulting from implementing of the this framework include:
Access to your own Coach: WHS along with other business systems requires all people to
perform competently however they need varying degrees of support.
We recognize this need and we have developed a network of skills management
coaches/consultants to help businesses implement their WHS systems and processes.

Apart from enabling WHS compliance there are a number of empowerment programs that can
benefit your business including:
1. Performance based recruitment
2. Employee performance review
3. Integrated quality assurance
4. WHS compliance
5. Project communication
6. Project tendering
7. Workplace learning
8. Apprentice


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