Doing Safety Differently

Doing Safety Differently

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How does a Team Leadership Approach lift Team and Company Performance?

The concept of culture is really important, people are the embodiment of really good lessons, from which we will learn and grow together. “The actioning of the concept is the difference”

The focus of this short movie is about a mindset shift within the business, in all business, it starts with the leaders.

A leader really facilitates the creation of an answer, the answers of experts, by the team and viewed as either problems or solutions. A blame culture is very different to a true team culture of people that are included and valued, opened to disclose. Accidents have been set as a mistake in many people’s minds and creates an avoidance to share, with the scary thought of being disciplined. Imagine the difference of a company that applauds being told of accidents and issues, for the safety and well being of everyone.

Sidney is on a similar mission and puts a lot of effort into advertising of the philosophy of a people first culture, as the performance is always the outcome.


De-cluttering of non essential procedures that don’t really work, passing the responsibility and inputs to workers at the coal face in the dangerous areas, valuing their inputs starts to change the safety culture. Passing trust to subbies and others is part of the answer. When there is a good team culture, the walls can go up faster and we all share the benefits.

What’s the use of implementing great marketing processes, strategies, and systems etc if the culture is
down and the people are not first?

With a great culture, we can build understanding and excitement with everyone, including all the guys that
are on site and in the field helping us to create easier and more usable systems.

There is a mindset and performance coaching shift needed in many companies to enable the opening up of higher performing companies.

We hope that the movies, videos, PDFs and information being shared makes a lot of good sense and value of you and your business.

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