Top 3 Tips – Construction Company Success

Top 3 Tips – Construction Company Success

Whether you have been in business for many years or started recently, growing is essential. Like a tree needs to keep growing to keep alive, so does your business.

Are you looking to expand your business in new ways, new markets or areas where you have not been treading before? Do you want more profit, more free time and a business that works more for you, rather than constantly needing you?

Following are tips to help grow your business and help you to start planning.

#1 – Invest in Yourself & Create Amazing Value to Market

The change in your business is a direct reflection of you and your personal, professional growth. Your persona and actions will infect every person in your business. How much you work on your development will largely determine the rate of business change. How quickly the ideas and strategies get implemented will be affected by attitudes, the attitudes are affected by the leaders.

  • — Imagine that it’s twelve months into a new year and nothing has changed in the business or the leader, what would you expect?
  • — Now imagine a leader that has worked diligently on themselves, learnt new skills, understandings and is on fire, what would that look like?
  • — Will the leaders that utilise key employment filters, new understandings of team performance and business mechanics change the company?

Research comes up with yourself as the number one game changer for business success. We can’t find time to work on ourselves because we are so busy in the business.

The decider is what to work on and that’s where the investment in yourself will change the game, it’s about your value. Bringing more value to the market through yourself, your people and the business will separate your business and put you in a place of difference.

#2 – Putting People First & Managing Business

There are literally 1,000s of stories with the same point – a main key to success is not the KPIs or the ticking of all the boxes, it’s about you and your peoples’ performance.


This story is about the awakening of a performance coach’s understanding. Pictured below are Andy Holmes and Steve Redgrave with their gold medals at the Seoul Olympics of 1988, the story that follows is key to business growth.

Steve & Andy: Coached by Mike Spracklen.

Mike’s business was to coach, train and develop to olympic level and win gold. He found that both Andy and Steve had the physical and technical skills down well, yet he could not see them reaching gold.

Mike was stumped and searched for the reasons and how to change. In all his efforts he could do no more.

One day Mike had a “light bulb” moment and realised that he was missing a most important area of his performance coaching. Whilst he continued to doubt their abilities to win gold they were being held back.

Mike returned with a new mindset and different belief. He chose that these guys were good and they had the full “potential” to win Gold.

  • — It really was that simple, we may not see potential as a solid object, but we know when someone believes in us and that changes our resolve & buy in.
  • — Choosing the right people requires a professional filtration system based on values, behaviour styles and skill sets that match the team culture / business cultures and vision.
  • — Successful business growth will include business and performance coaching mindsets, management, modelling, shaping, training and learning new competencies.
  • — Lead by example, let your people manage many aspects themselves and show your confidence in their abilities and potential.

#3 – Plan to Succeed

“Many companies do not plan to fail, they fail to plan.”

Statistics clearly show that the higher percentage of business leaders do not follow through on planning. Many have elaborate business plans yet no real scope on responsibilities, time frames or follow through.

Time spent in the more effective areas will determine much of business success and rates of accomplishments.

A basic outline to start:

  • — Find the Why, what do you do in your business and what’s the reason?
  • — Know the vision and mission of your business, it’s a bus that your people can jump onto with a purpose.
  • — Develop your plans and goals with purpose and establish the structures for it to get done.
  • — Set clear and realistic goals in all the areas, especially financial numbers and projections.
  • — Choose the right teams involved, marketing, sales, operations, admin. Develop the people, believe in them to take on individual responsibility. And use filters.
  • — Engage a professional from outside your business to help you and the team set up the plans and then get them done.

The proactiveness to set this up will ultimately be led by the leader bringing and establishing new values to the business, his teams and customers.

Learning to do these areas of business and personal development is a financial game changer, motivation lifter and more enjoyment for everyone.

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