Weathering the Storms

Weathering the Storms for Business Leaders

Keep Your Business Shining

A lighthouse is built to weather the storms and stand firm in the resolve to shine a light, helping others find their way. “What a great relationship builder.”

It’s a great analogy to think your resolve as likened to the solid lighthouse, standing and shining through the waves that come against it, determined to remain fixed and focused. What gives the lighthouse such a wonderful placement and strength to carry on?

In each and every one of us is a lighthouse in construction, some have the deep peers being poured with concrete, others are looking out to the coast.

It’s easy enough to sing a song when life and business are flowing along, but it’s the person who is worthwhile who is able to still shine and sing when everything goes dead wrong.

A Lighthouse Builds Great Relationships

Once the lighthouse is fully built, all secure and structurally sound, the full power of the light is unleashed to focus and guide the way for the team to help find their way.

Every day the light shines, sometimes through a clear atmosphere, sometimes through the clouds and storms, yet it shines regardless.

Throughout the tumultuous seas, pandemics, searing winds, loss of navigation and engine failures, a light is found in the darkness. All business owners have a hope that can be helped by shining that light to bring clarity and purposed direction for the team.

Relationships building starts with the directors, leading the leaders influencing the whole team.

Without a focused direction lit up for everyone to follow for the company and the team, most will be moving in in many different directions. How to weather the storms starts with the leader. “Focus on the wrong thing and the business may not grow” or very slowly.

With a team moving in a clear direction on the same purpose, the business will grow and the light intensity and broadness will increase. The responsibility for getting to the destinations is shared and helps lift the load off as you and the team do it together.

The light is the directors attitude, outward expressions and actions attracting buy in, guiding path for everyone, building a motivated team that enjoy being part of the business.

Focusing on the relationships and needs of the team and clients as you head into the goals changes the position and financial outcomes faster. Finances and numbers, structures, processes, strategies and other areas are all important, goals are important, belief in the individuals’ potential may outweigh them all.

If you have an on fire individual in your business that wants to take on the responsibility for themselves, what is that going to mean for time management and rate of business growth to implement the strategies?

Imagine the Whole Team on Fire

STORY: Mike Spracklen had a business creating gold medal rowers and he was one of the best in the world.

Mike had two individuals he trained and trained, developed their techniques and fitness levels to very high levels, yet he could not see them making the gold. The struggle and storm that came up woke up an insight to his beliefs system and created a breakthrough. He had limited his two teammates by focusing on their performance instead of their potential. They were more than aware of the KPIs and that had become the number one focus, yet it just wasn’t working.

Everything else was in place, yet being the leader with a mindset like Mikes may have been the catalyst that held them back. Mike had a break thru, changed his thoughts and focused on their potential.

Amy Holmes and Steve Redgrave became Olympic Gold Medalists.

We all do better with specialists along side us. Competency brings faster results, more enjoyable team workplaces, higher profits and more freedom when the business is suited.

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