EEt DERT Brainstorming Techniques for Lifting Company Performance

EET DERT is a thought technique. How are thoughts impacting on the future
of business? Which businesses will thrive and which will dive? Fear and anxiety
are an obvious response as the Covid–19 turns pandemic in more than 100
countries. The focus on this write up is to help grow business and people.
Techniques can help to lift teams and positively affect company performance

“Leaders stimulate the Company and Family Growth.”

Regardless of current or ongoing business circumstances, fear and doubt
thoughts are mostly mental rough which can be changed into manageable
concerns and propulsion.

What We believe is What We will See
Research proves that bringing compassion and equal values from leaders into
companies will increase success, believe it or not. See IBM’s, Lou Gerstener.

Is this a believed statement or not?

An age old saying “what we believe is what we will see” is true. Techniques
can be used to help manage reactions into more confident and effective
responses and actions.

When combined with the grounding of the heart 4 others we will see change.

Fear and Love thoughts cannot coexist, one cancels the other out and will
affect the whole business environment.

Love is not necessarily a feeling in the workplace, it’s most often shown by
caring, it starts with the leaders uplifting everyone in the team, being open to
discuss dis-comforts, finding solutions and taking responsibility as individuals,
in a team family (Note: We are not medical experts or advisors, our experience has proven the outcomes,
please research this information for your confirmation)

Medical Evidence Proves Benefits of being a Caring Company
Fight flight (fear / stress) modes can lower immunity and efficiencies.
Caring, hope filled modes can increase immunity, producing feel good
hormones like Oxytocin, Serotonin and Dopamine, this helps increase energy,
happiness, defense against disease and lifts the company performance.

Manageable Concerns
The flight fight response is needed at times, yet when it is maintained at high
levels for extended periods it can compromise our immune system, CV19 is
causing many people to remain in flight fight. Being grounded and managing
concerns with simple techniques can provide more control of the emotional
nature and create positively contagious people, “that’s what is wanted in

Laughter is the Best Medicine” How true! Constantly we experience faster
learning and engagement for the participant when humor and fun is included
in coaching & training. “It’s a great cost-effective way for lifting performance
& fitness faster and easier.”

A Company is like a Tree

Brainstorming / Performance Lifting Technique

When a tree draws from the nutrients in the dert, it will either fuel up weeds
and grow poor fruit or it will grow great fruit, true? When uplifting thoughts
and words of encouragement are entered into the dert, things change. With a
nutrient building “can do attitude” creative ideas, processes, systems,
strategies, technologies, marketing and actions kick into gear. Increased
competencies and confidence enters and fuels up the whole tree. All the
branches and leaves change, producing fruits, faster larger and brighter.

All business begins with an “idea / thought”, followed by belief and action.

“Thoughts are Power,” what can it mean to feed the powerful thoughts of the
people into the company tree. Research and our professional experience
proves that valued and engaged people produce the best fruit / better , bigger,
faster and easier businesses.

Repetition creates lasting change, having patience and caring whilst learning
and engaging with the team will pay off.