EET DERT Brainstorming Exercise

EET DERT: Lifting Thoughts, Emotions, Individual & Company PERFORMANCE


How are the thoughts impacting your future in business and life? Which businesses will thrive and which will dive? Fear, anxious thoughts and emotions are often the chosen responses in the face of challenges including the pandemic. CV19 is an extreme circumstance and can be thought of as a huge problem or opportunity. The challenging circumstances will always come, if a high level of concern is maintained for long periods, the outcomes will affect the business and individuals. Thoughts and emotions influence behaviour, decision making qualities, productivities, profits, and above all our quality of life. If we are to develop healthy lives, businesses and societies, what value and actions are the thoughts & emotions bringing? What will it mean when everyone is focusing on the opportunities and words of  positivity?

The EET DERTTM exercise is not rocket science, it’s simple and that’s it’s profoundness, it can help lift people and teams, positively affecting company performance outcomes when used. We all know that our thinking will affect everything, what we say is what we get most of the time. World history is flooded with leaders that changed nations with their spoken words. 

Right now in this pandemic many people and businesses need extra help to rise above the problems that are being faced, this exercise is a way to help move to a place where the problems have a different power or influence, “change us and change the emotions. ” Can this simple exercise increase the company  profits?

Leaders Transform Companies

Transformation of a person creates the organism of change through the company,  it starts with the leaders with a contagion naturally building and spreading into others.

An enterprise is what? It’s people first, but what if the people are not performing, what is the impact on you and the company? The costs of disengaged workers is absolutely immense, in the billions and billions of dollars on individuals, business, economies and families, how is this impacting on your business?  See statistics from Medicare and Engineers Australia.

When we realise the true state of the company performance relative to our people, the values of changing or enhancing them becomes urgent, if we leave it, we may be overtaken by those companies that do change.

Changing Thoughts Changes Outcomes

Example of different thought styles:  Imagine there are two guys that had amputated legs and both lived in the same city, similar ages and job histories. One said he was done, life was too hard, it’s going to be an awkward existence, can’t continue the business.. The other guy had different thoughts and said that he’s got a problem that will enable him to help others by showing them it doesn’t beat him. We can only imagine the outcomes of their lives and business 10 years down the track.

True Story

A friend has been inflicted with Multiple Sclerosis since she was young and it’s debilitated her body to the point where she needs constant care from others, her hands are curled, her legs don’t work and yet she is such a blessing and encouragement to others. When I first met her I fell in love with who she is and the words she spoke, the actions she took and the gratefulness she showed. What an amazing woman Suzie is, her influence into others lives and continual gratefulness for what she does have is contagious. Unable to do what we may take for granted, she never focuses, speaks or actions the perceived problems, just the areas that are opportunities and lifegiving, that’s the difference. As we speak she continues and soon she will release her biography, what a marvelous book that will be.


There are a plethora of what if’s, true? 

What if the problems became the opportunities for everyone and there was a simple way to start identifying them? What if focusing and putting more time into the thoughts and emotions areas would lift the whole company performance?

Changing the Culture at IBM with Lou Gerstner

What We Believe We Will See

Is this a believed statement? An age old saying “what we believe we will see” is true. Techniques can be used to help manage reactions into calmer and more confident responses. When combined with the grounding of the heart for others we will see change. Fear and Love thoughts cannot coexist, one cancels the other out and will affect the whole business environment. 

Love is not necessarily a feeling in the workplace, it’s most often showing that we care, uplifting everyone in the team, being open to discuss discomforts, finding solutions and taking responsibility as individuals, in a team family (Note: We are not medical experts or advisors, our experience has proven the outcomes, please research this information for your confirmation.)

What We Value and See as Important Will Create Action

Our realities of how we see the world – ICEBERG

Have you heard about the iceberg scenario? It’s a great model of how we create action. Often we only see our own realities, when we see others our communication  goes up. What’s on the surface is driven from what’s underneath. It gives us understanding of the individual drivers for everyone, helps with each other, our team and our clients.

Will you take Action?

What moves us into action, the iceberg is typically only showing about 10% of its mass. Yet it’s the mass that moves the top, if there is enough purpose, value, belief & importance, the discomfort to remain in the same place will be seen and felt as a sense of urgency. When the value of change is high enough, with a belief that it’s important enough, change will occur and action will be taken.

How important are the business and personal lives of everyone in the company?


  • Where do moves of life and business come from? Thoughts first..
  • What are the next steps? Value of the thought, importance of the thought and belief that it is worth it.
  • Is the value high enough to change? If nothing changes, nothing changes, we find many directors reaching out, not clearly knowing the next steps yet ready to change. They have found that the value of change in the team’s cultural areas is often pushed aside in the busy lifestyles and rejected as wishy washy, yet it’s a proven area of massive change, profits  and pleasure for those that pursue it.

Medical Evidence Proves Benefits of Being a Caring Company

Fight flight (fear / stress) modes can lower immunity and efficiencies. Caring, hope filled modes can increase immunity, producing feel good hormones like Oxytocin, Serotonin and Dopamine, this helps increase energy, happiness, defense against disease and lift the company performance.

Manageable Concerns

The flight fight response is needed at times, yet when it is maintained at high levels for extended periods it can compromise our immune system, CV19 is causing many people to remain in flight fight. Being grounded and managing concerns with a simple technique can provide more control of the emotional nature and create positively contagious people, “that’s what we want in our business.” 

“Laughter is the Best Medicine” 

How true! Constantly we experience faster learning and engagement for the participant when humor is included in coaching & training. “It’s a great cost-effective way for lifting performance & fitness faster and easier”.

A Company is Like a Tree


Imagine that a company has been going reasonably well, can there be a change to lift it even higher.

When a tree draws from nutrients in the dert, it will either fuel up weeds and grow poor fruit or it will grow great fruit, true? When uplifting words of encouragement are entered into the dert, things change. With all the nutrient building “can do” creative ideas, processes, systems, strategies and actions, confidence enters and fuels up the whole tree. All the branches and leaves change, producing fruits, faster, larger and brighter. 

All business begins with an “idea or thought”, followed by belief and action. “Thoughts are power,” what can it mean to feed the powerful thoughts of the people into the company? Research proves valued engaged people produce fruit or better business, bigger, faster and easier.

EET DERT is focused in the area of thoughts, emotions and action in the root system, feeding up to create the fruit. Focusing too much on the fruit outcomes can bring fears, negatives and slow growth, especially if things are not singing along. Using EET DERT with repetition helps focus and action what we can do, creating lasting change. Lifting positive emotional states, beliefs and values into action is key. Having patience and caring whilst learning and engaging with the team, will pay off. What can it mean for business growth and personal development.

Focus and Determine the Fruit

During the middle of a season, both George and Matt noticed a similar condition appearing on the fruit, they were not shaping right and the texture was less than shiny.

Matt started talking about the poor shape and colours of the apples, how it would affect the sale price and maybe that he may not be able to sell to Woolworths, his biggest customer. He started spraying the apples, pressure washing them, and began doing his sums on the potential losses.

George saw the effects and went straight to work on the soil and focused on studying and researching what he needed to do, talking about and believing that they would find the remedy and focused on what they needed to, “not the Apples”

As the season ended both men had crops of apples, but there was a significant difference, Matts company produced less apples, they had blemishes and smaller sizes which missed out on Woolworths. George’s company had lots of apples with few blemishes, with big ripe sizes and colours.

Which business was in the better position at the end of that season?

We hope this was helpful. To try the exercise, a free interactive page has been made available. Click here: TEAM CULTURE | EET DERT

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