Company overview

Team Culture, named for the purpose of creating profitable higher performance workplaces, is one of the most successful business growth specialists in the world. Ross Meyers, Joe Raheb and Sam Zughbaba, all senior business growth professionals and business owners each with over 17 years experience helping other company owners.

Team Culture provides leadership, team and business performance change. We love what we do because it flows into the lifestyles in the whole business, positively impacting families and our communities.

Clients will testify to the massive changes in their understanding, company performance and profits.


To create a better everyday life for teams in the workplace and desired lifestyle for the leaders.


To lift and empower teams and develop leaders in establishing a more profitable and enjoyable business.





We begin conversations and decide what’s needed. Our approach gives the leaders space to reflect and develop a leadership style that promotes their strengths and helps them create a vision for the future that inspires and motivates others. The business is always a reflection of the leader.


We are chosen by leaders because they are partnering with us, not just clients. Moral compasses have much to be said for success and we stand by our commitment that focuses on what we need to do together to achieve our results. We take responsibility and look from the point of seeing everything through the leaders eyes, what it means to them, their business and personal lives. We are responsible, highly valued and a genuine integral part of the leaders lives.


Our first step goes into exploration mode, understanding in detail analysis of where the leaders are, what’s working, what’s not working and what they want for the business and their personal desires. We will confirm that we a right fit, before we move forward, personal motivation of change is part of our KRAs.

Out Of The Box

A unique understanding and relationship is needed for high performance outcomes, when we have a right fit it works. Creativeness is opened with our approach, new ideas and a multitude of different solutions occur. Confidence with our client partners brings a source of trust developing and opening gates for new insights. Having found insights and ways, methodologies and strategies over the years provides strong knowledge to pass on.





With over 27 years of experience in Business. I have built multiple business of my own and have helped many others to realize their potential.

I am committed to helping Business Owners just like you, reach your financial and lifestyle goals.

You will learn how to grow your business, hire the right people, improve your lead generation strategies and improve your conversion rate, set up systems so the business can function without you. All with Proven Business Growth Strategies.


Owned and operated businesses in the industrial, wholesale & health industries. Salvo Chaplain, cert coach, trainer and speaker with over 20 years business ownership. He is very passionate about performance that brings lasting personal & company change. Being in business and chaplaincy brings a genuine passion combined with hands on experience in helping to facilitate the areas of needed change in leadership and teams. “The performance is the outcome”, appreciate our business and each other, combining it with the right intel, decisions and values will create substantial growth.


Owned and managed businesses in the retail / wholesale and manufacturing industries. Extensive knowledge in marketing, team, and business management. Being a business owner for over 26 years allowed me to know firsthand what it takes to start, manage and grow a business successfully and selling it.