Principle Coaching Partners


Joe Raheb

Partner at Team Culture

Director of Reviv P/L

Sydney, Australia

With over 27 years of experience in Business. I have built multiple business of my own and have helped many others to realize their potential.

I am committed to helping Business Owners just like you, reach your financial and lifestyle goals.

You will learn how to grow your business, hire the right people, improve your lead generation strategies and improve your conversion rate, set up systems so the business can function without you. All with Proven Business Growth Strategies.

I will show you everything that I have learned, tried and tested so you can build your own successful and profitable business. 


Sam Zughbaba

Partner at Team Culture

Director at Step Ahead Business  

Sydney, Australia

Owned and managed businesses in the retail / wholesale and manufacturing industries.Extensive knowledge in marketing, team, and business management. Being a business owner for over 26 years allowed me to know firsthand what it takes to start, manage and grow a business successfully and selling it.

Team building and leadership
Business management and systematization.
Goals and succession planning.
Environment & Business Culture change.
Marketing & Sales Training.
Realestate Flips
Realestate Investing


Ross Meyers

Partner at Team Culture

JP/Chaplain, Founder

Sydney, Australia

BIO Brief: Family business in Commercial Cleaning and Commercial, Domestic Safe Manufacturing. Director of 3 companies in Business and Personal Success Coaching, Health Centre, Industrial chemicals / coatings and Long term unemployed training / consultant / counsellor / presenter and Salvation Army trained Chaplain.

Consultant experience into manufacturing, real estate, civil, health, plumbing and electrical trades, health,  in home education, auto industries, marketing and more. Tafe Toolmaking Trade Quals, Coaching Certifications with Dr Michael Hall of Neuro Semantics International, further competencies credentialed in the Action Int Business Coaching System with over 30,000 business engagements.