Senior Coaching Services

Senior coaching, experiential programs, group meetings, seminars, key notes and resources that work

We bring a combination of Board Level Business Coaching Partnership and Team Culture expertise to Directors, Boards, CEOs, GMs, Executives and Team Leaders.

  • Potential clients only move forward after 2 meetings stepping into the first quarter (The first month will determine our suitability, outcomes and ROI to keep moving forward)
  • When you become our client and partner, we guarantee your ROI (complete transparency from both, creates success, we need your success)
  • No locked in contracts, you may leave at anytime, this works both ways ( freedom to choose creates a strength for success, no pressure)
  • We are genuine and honest, we do not focus on your payment, ask us why. (We are ethically agreed and accountable to each other and our clients, maintaining a truthful culture, fully focused on the clients wants)
  • We are genuinely passionate about achieving what you want and being part of this with you, it’s the reason why we do this, that’s our full focus and it works (Our focus is our agreement and creates success for both parties)


We limit the number OF coaching clientele

(Our commitment to maintain a manageable level of clientele provides our clients with fully active individual attention levels at 100% with relationships commonly formed and continuing for over 8 years)