WHS framework - System components

Using this system will enable your company achieve organizational WHS compliance through the
development and application of your WHS management system and associated resources:
Resource framework

  1. A comprehensive induction and policy framework that applies and contextualizes all relevant requirements of the 2011 Act, Regulations, Codes of Practice and Guidelines established and promoted by the National OHS Harmonisation processes
  2. A complete package of Basis Instruction Plans necessary to signify activities and record evidence associated with provided instruction before employees begin work on all relevant items of plant and equipment on a project worksite.
  3. A risk register and ongoing review process based on the recording of project task and activities, the identification of any of the risks involved when performing the task and the establishment of controls to reduced the risks in performing the task.
  4. Development of Training guides (Safe work procedures) based on the outcomes of the risk assessment process recorded in the company risk register. It is a requirement to train workers in the application of all of the control measure established and to monitor ongoing performance through supervision.
  5. Establishement of a work competency framework to initially define job roles of all employees and then to confirm competency of every worker to perform each task to the minimum standard defined by your industry.
  6. Skills rating and job rating tools World first patented process enabling skills needed and the skill available to be compared.
  7. Implementation systems and tools
  8. Advanced methodologies to share and activate resources necessary to engage workers, managers, other PCBU's and relevant stakeholder as required to complete and validate induction, instruction, training and work competency confirmations.
  9. A simple training manager tool that enables the final sign off of all training and instruction by a nominated manager or supervisor resulting in market leading skills management data produced from workplace activities.
  10. Innovative methods to register projects and project workers and other relevant stakeholders to be engaged in "real time' monitoring and participation of toolbox meetings and easy five risk assessments and project specific communication (messaging) as required.
  11. All of these functions, products resources and tools will be accessed through you online (Workspace (subscriptions required). WHS records and reporting
  12. A paperless record management and reporting system generated by the use of mobile devices on worksite.

Note: Staff training will be conducted on completion of the relevant components
detailed in this schedule.


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