We do it because we love it, when we see people and their lives changed because of what we do, it's our best reward and feels very good. We have learnt how to do it for ourselves and pass this on, it's what we get paid for and we are happy to share.


My profits increased 66% in 10 months, thanks Sam!
— Team Culture Client Partner

Story 1: There was a young african boy who took an egg from an eagles nest and placed it under a chicken living in a coupe with other chickens. One day the egg hatched and out popped an eaglet who looked around at the others and thought he was must be a chicken too and started pecking around. One day a majestic eagle hovered overhead, he looked up and started to flap his wings, but turned his head and went back to what he knew he was, and continued pecking.

The analogy is obvious,

That's part of why we coach, we want you and your business to fly!

Story 2: One day back in the 1800's a man won a job, chopping down trees with an axe. His quota was 4 per day. "The first day he chopped down 10 trees" As the days went by he did his best in the forest, chopping as hard as he could, no breaks and doing many hours. He could see the boss walking toward him and he did not look happy! The boss came directly over and said "sorry mate, I have to let you go, your quota was four trees a day and your down to only 3. The man contested and begged for his job but could not see why he had worked so hard and got so overwhelmed. Then boss asked him "How many times did you sharpen your axe?"

When a  former successful US president was asked the same question, he said "for the first 3 - 4 days I would sharpened my axe"                                                                                                       Another US president said: I can't know everything, so I surround myself with other people that know more than me, that works!

We know the value of sharpening the axe, viewing the business and working on it with a coach, that's part of why we do it!

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